Curriculum Spotlight

Cyber Bullying Awareness and Response October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. School-based bullying is a long-standing problem, yet the widespread adoption of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), in the classroom and among students, has raised concerns over cyber bullying and its impact on school climate and student well-being. Thus, in this edition of the […]

Digital Citizenship & e-Safety across the Curriculum

Today’s educators are providing students with tremendous learning experiences by integrating digital technologies into the classroom, yet technology adoption also presents challenges and concerns such as classroom management issues, cyber bullying, academic dishonesty, student data privacy, digital safety and network security. Digital citizenship and e-Safety educational programming is essential, yet building an entire digital citizenship […]

i-SAFE Direct – Smart Schools, Smart Technology, Smart Choices

Many educators are challenged to make a decision between traditional hardbound curriculum materials versus free resources that can be found online. As a society we continue to move towards a “unified classroom”. The influence of technology and ubiquitous Internet access is the number one leading influence as to why schools are substituting textbooks for online […]

Four Steps to Successfully Using Social Media to Build a Positive School Culture

Social media is an integral part of student life, and can be a powerful part of a schools culture. When used effectively, it can boost attendance at school-related events, raise participation in spirit days, heighten attention toward issues or topics during Awareness Months, and increase engagement in school fundraisers, charity events or community outreach efforts. […]

Meeting the Challenge of Safe Learning Online With Three Risk Management Strategies

By Lee Gaby Making online learning safe for students requires that we all be at our best in undertaking a comprehensive risk management approach. We need effective strategies for risk awareness, risk control and risk sharing to deal with the potential injury to students before, during and after a harmful digital incident occurs. New thinking […]

Compliance & Administration – Parents’ Perspectives on Data Use in Schools

Educational technology has brought about new opportunities and challenges surrounding student data privacy. Often, the laws and practices approach the issue from the perspective of administrators, educators and third parties who provide online sites and services. But what do parents think about student data privacy? To answer that question, the Future of Privacy Forum conducted […]

In the Classroom – Managing the Digital Classroom: Part I of II

This article is the first of a two part series focused on managing students in a 21st Century, digital classroom. In part one, we’ll consider how to leverage more traditional classroom management skills, and in the next newsletter we’ll consider how teachers can add technology skills to their toolbox. Educational Technology and the 4Cs Educational […]

Feature Article – Professional Development: Updating Privacy Communications to Get ConnectED

Since October of 2012, millions of educators and stakeholders from around the globe have participated in Connected Educator Month (CEM). One of the themes for this year’s efforts, Future Ready, explores the challenges that school and district leaders face while preparing today’s students for tomorrow (CEM, 2015). The Future Ready pledge builds upon President Obama’s […]

In The Classroom

80,000 + Educational Apps: Digital Learning or Digital Candy? If you are looking for digital tools in the education category prepare to make yourself comfortable. Over 80,000 apps are labeled “educational” in online app stores. The notion of “educational app” implies that children will acquire new knowledge and skills as a result of their activities. […]

Featured Guest

The PRIVO Kid’s Privacy Manifesto National Cyber Security month is a great thing, but for parents and educators, every month has to be Cyber Security month. By Denise Tayloe, Co-Founder & CEO of PRIVO and Online Child Safety Expert As we kick off National Cyber Security month, online privacy and cyber security experts in the […]