We Make Identity Management & Compliance with Privacy Laws Simple

Kids use websites, apps and games anytime and anywhere, and on several devices. Schools have become dependent upon commercially provided online resources to meet learning goals, augment teacher resources, and prepare for and take exams. Providers are increasingly focused on serving the youth and education markets with innovative learning and entertainment products.

Many of these valuable products and services require the use of personal information to track learning progress or provide a better user experience. Because of that, they must comply with very strict statutory regulations on the collection and use of children’s personal information. But it isn’t easy.

i-SAFE’s mission is to make identity management and compliance with privacy laws simple. We secure children’s privacy through education and services protecting the use of personal information, while helping schools and commercial providers of sites, services and apps to engage their customers responsibly and in compliance with Federal laws.


i-SAFE Ventures is a hybrid organization (non-profit and for-profit LLC) focused on helping educational and commercial organizations comply statutory regulations guarding child privacy. We offer a suite of technology services and solutions which enable identity management, and age-appropriate e-safety instructional programming, which meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

isafe_productsFounded in 1998 as a non-profit, i-SAFE recognized that there was a growing threat to America’s youth as more and more young people ventured onto the internet. They became exposed to security threats such as worms and viruses, cyber bullying through social media, and even identity theft.

i-SAFE responded by developing content for classrooms that taught students core skills enabling them to protect themselves and their devices in this modern world. Today that content is used in 4,500 school districts and reaches 30 million children.

Technology threats and opportunities evolve, and we are committed to meet the challenge.

Online bullying has increased. Ten percent of ID theft victims are minors. Perpetrators of malware and adware troll sites and services frequented by kids. Human traffickers use the internet to identify and groom at risk youth. Clearly, young people need our help.

At the same time, schools are more pervasively using online services and apps to reach educational goals. Corporate providers of sites, services and apps, both educational and purely commercial, are seeking to serve the education and youth markets. Congress has put in place several regulations which seek to protect young people online, and which impact those educators and providers.

We founded i-SAFE Ventures as the parent company to i-SAFE, where our focus continues on educational programming as a non-profit, and i-SAFE Direct, where we deliver enterprise-ready cloud-based services focused on identity management in compliance with statutory requirements. From the beginning, we have focused on creating services that were easy to use, met high standards our customers could trust, and delivered meaningful outcomes. We are both proud and committed to ensuring that children’s privacy and safety is well-guarded, while helping those institutions and companies which serve them to do so responsibly and effectively.

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Great services should be intuitively easy to use.

We make content creation simple through a prompt driven process, complete with best-practice document templates, and the ability to customize and include media to personalize the message.

Our services integrate with your directory for specific, targeted digital delivery. The right communication gets to the right people. Once delivered, recipients access our permissions application which intuitively allows them to manage all permission requests in a secure environment. Administrators and managers can monitor implementation and reporting with real-time data, complete with easy to use charts, graphs and ratings to demonstrate progress and highlight areas for improvement.

Our educational programming is accessed by teachers through an individualized portal where they can easily identify the right, and constantly updated, digital learning content. Student progress is easily monitored, and compliance reporting is achieved with the click of a button.

Every i-SAFE service is designed and created to meet the highest educational and privacy regulations standards.

i-SAFE Direct identity management services are developed to adhere to the strongest interpretation of critical laws including COPPA, CIPA, FERPA and PPRA, which safeguard the privacy of children.

All i-SAFE services are platform agnostic, designed and documented using contemporary technology and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and hosted by AWS Cloud Services, enabling enterprise grade reliability and security.

Educational content is developed to high educational standards, meeting CCSS, NETS and ALS requirements, as well as Common Core learning goals, so teachers are assured of a high quality experience for their students.

i-SAFE programs and services deliver practical outcomes that matter to our customers.

We deliver truly verifiable parental consent, which is at the heart of many regulations. This not only meets regulatory needs, but also removes financial risk associated with mistakes, and builds trust with consumers.

Our services give commercial providers the ability to confidently and appropriately engage the youth market, often expanding their customer base and enabling better customer services. We give verified adults the tools to simply and diligently protect their child’s privacy, maintaining control of what personal information is gathered, how it is used and potentially shared. Our services shield personal information throughout all processes, removing the unnecessary risk of ID theft.

We remove up to 86% of hard costs associated with often redundant processes including time, development, implementation, reporting, audits and storage. We enable districts to comply with all E-Rate program learning and reporting requirements, protecting important funding sources for districts’ telecommunications technology, while meeting Common Core learning goals.

Cloud-based storage of documents ensures easy retrieval in case of audit, and saves customers the effort of storing and managing literally tons of paper each year.

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i-SAFE Direct

i-SAFE Direct (the for-profit arm of i-SAFE Ventures) is a pioneer of cloud-based identity verification services suitable for both commercial and education purposes, and compliant with the stringent standards set by COPPA, FERPA and PPRA.

We strengthen:
  • Parents’ ability to transparently manage the collection and use of their child’s personal information, and adults’ convenience in managing their own online privacy.
  • Schools and companies’ ability to establish the highest degree of Verifiable Parental Consent (VPC).
  • Schools’ cost-effective execution of repeatable communication processes required to meet statutory requirements.
  • Companies’ relationship with customers through transactional parental consent for the use of valuable services, apps and games.
i-SAFE Direct AUP
Allows for a single administrator to create and execute the district wide AUP process, with an intuitive step by step guide to create customized documents, integrate with district directories of verified parents and guardians with the flexibility to deploy in individual schools, by grade or by group, to monitor progress, and then report and store documents in compliance with COPPA.

i-SAFE Direct Permission Slip
Enables educators to quickly create, distribute and manage requests for parent approval of student involvement in activities such as field trips, sports or any extra-curricular activity. Like Direct AUP, Direct Permission Slip integrates with directories, provides implementation oversight and reporting, and storage in compliance with COPPA.

i-SAFE Direct VPC
Enables districts and schools to communicate clearly and specifically with parents and guardians about what commercial online sites, services and apps are being used in their child’s education, and to request VPC for their usage. Simplifies parent’s review of privacy policies, and mitigates school’s risk when providers distribute both educational and commercial products.

i-SAFE Direct My Ok
Is a consumer application integrated into all i-SAFE identity management services, providing text or email notification, and a single dashboard from which people can review and approve requests for the use of personal information by sites, services, games, etc., or to review and approve education related documents such as AUP’s.

i-SAFE Digital Learning

i-SAFE Inc. (the non-profit arm of i-SAFE Ventures) is the largest provider of e-safety digital instructional programming for grades K-12 in the world, serving over 4,500 school districts and 30 million students.

Our Digital Learning Content Programs:
  • Meet CIPA/E-Rate program educational requirements including Online Behavior, Social Networking and Cyber Bullying.
  • Extend beyond CIPA requirements to educate on broader topics including cell phone safety, identity theft, e-mail scams and intellectual property.
  • Meet Common Core State Standards and are developed to CCSS, NETS and AALS standards.
  • Enable teachers to quickly source age-appropriate content, manage the classroom experience, and report automatically to district E-Rate administrators.
  • Enable E-Rate administrators to simply monitor execution across their district, report compliance, and then store records for 10 years in case of audit.
i-SAFE DC 4 Digital Programming
i-SAFE DC4 Digital Programming is an essential component of every school district technology plan. Educational technology augments teaching and learning in unprecedented ways, yet schools are also managing a number of issues including cyber bullying, academic dishonesty, digital safety, privacy and security. The program provides 398 K-12 lessons that prepare students for life in the 21st century while exceeding CIPA/E-Rate requirements.

All i-SAFE Digital Learning programs provide navigational and management tools for educators, and strong implementation and reporting tools for E-Rate Administrators.

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