Counting the Cost of Free: An In-Depth View of OER

OERs are free, adaptable, and shareable pieces of content that are typically created and disseminated electronically. Digital content includes but is not limited to digital presentations, videos, informational websites, interactive learning objects, mobile apps, online assessments—even games and simulations. OERs have multiple origins such as educational institutions, governmental agencies, libraries and archives, commercial publishing organizations, [...]


At i-SAFE, our focus is to ensure that your school/district and/or DOE has all the information you need to make sure you are in compliance and that your E-Rate funding is not at risk. Below are some important deadlines: Form Number Due Date Form 470 4/13/2017 Form 471 5/11/2017 Form 486 Depends on the service […]

FCC Form 486 Changes, Impacts on School Funding

A key note to remember is that on October 20, 2016, the FCC released an Order in which starting January 30, 2017, the FCC will be less forgiving in granting Form 486 deadline waivers than in the past. i-SAFE’s compliance programming offers you a cost-effective compliance solution that exceeds regulatory requirements. When you process Form […]

Replacing School File Cabinets and Paper-Based Forms with Secure Digital Solutions

The i-SAFE Direct Technology was established on what school districts have asked for: student data privacy protections combined with identity verification in alignment with CIPA/COPPA/E-Rate Compliance. Student Data Privacy & Identity Verification: School districts have a significant problem concerning identity verification. The current process by which parents register their children for school is typically captured […]

Compliance has changed!

Compliance is NO LONGER Cut-and-Dry! Compliance has fundamentally shifted to focus on student data privacy–who has access to student data in your school or district, and what companies are exposed to your student data. The focus also seeks to define a collective mindset within your school district’s culture on how to protect student data holistically […]

Digital Migration: Thoughts on the Print-to-Digital Transition in Schools

Technology is the nucleus for today’s fast-paced learning environment. The pervasiveness of technology is transforming how classrooms are engaging youth with new and innovative learning/teaching methods. It was not too long ago that classroom engagement was primarily conducted via books or paper-based activities which often required significantly more teacher time for preparation, grading, management, and […]

You may have heard school district horror stories like these: an educator creates accounts for her students into one of the most popular social networking tools without parental permission; an administrator sends a business e-mail to his personal e-mail account so that he can work on a file from home, yet he fails to remember […]

i-SAFE Ventures Humanitarian Initiative

i-SAFE Partners with Office of the Attorney General in Washington D.C. to Put a Face on Human Trafficking “Sex trafficking in the District of Columbia is a real problem, and what we’re here to do today is to launch an effort that will help train all of us—teachers, administrators, and, yes, your fellow students—to [recognize] […]

It is now even more important to be vigilant with any deadline associated with participating in the E-Rate program. i-SAFE has propriety tools to help you make sure your school and/or district is CIPA/E-Rate compliant. This includes compliance regulations as it pertains to federal privacy laws regarding the collection and dissemination of your student data. […]

Since the President’s announcement in February 2014, there has been more than $10 billion of total value committed as part of the five-year program to transform American education. This includes Federal Communications Commission (FCC) funding for school and library connectivity with $2 billion specifically for Wi-Fi, and $1.5 billion more in annual funding, and more […]