Framework of Trust

ISAFE engages with educational and commercial organizations, through a robust technology platform, aimed at instituting compliance solutions focused around identity verification, online privacy, parental engagement and technology adoption.  ISAFE’s suite of technology services enable identity management, an agnostic electronic document delivery platform and robust reporting, so that communities can comply with statutory student data privacy requirements.

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ISAFE Direct Enterprise Technology Platform

ISAFE provides a comprehensive solution of technology products and services that include identity verification and authentication, document delivery, instructional programming and detailed reporting as part of a solution to meet and exceed regulatory requirements such as CIPA/E-Rate, FERPA, PPRA, COPPA and ESSA.

Savings for Schools

Schools can save a tremendous amount of money by replacing their current paper consent process. This is not a new purchase for school systems - this is simply diverting already budgeted ‘paper printing costs’ into a more efficient ‘identity verified’ digital solution.

Benefits of Using ISAFE Direct

Decrease Paper Consumption

Decrease paper consumption, postage costs and delivery delays with our fully integrated eletronic document delivery platform.

Interactive Content Delivery

Present parents, students, educators, and administrators with dynamic and interactive content delivery experiences.

Disseminate Forms Quickly

ISAFE Direct allows schools to disseminate a variety of forms and permission requests that mandate parental/guardian signatures.

Eliminate Costs

Eliminate internal processes and costs needed to distribute paper mailings.

Identity Verification Solution

Includes the most robust identity verification solution verifying the parent/child relationship digitally for compliance and liability requirements.

Reduce Storage Costs

Reduces the costs of storing paper permission forms as well as the destroying of parent signed forms also called ‘wet’ signatures at the end of school year.

How does it work?

ISAFE’s Enterprise Solution provides customizable online forms and converts traditional paper documents into online digital documents, waivers, and forms. The Platform also integrates videos and assessment questions to validate that the user actually understands what they are providing consent to. How does it work?


Electronic Document Creation - Form Builder

Creating documents is easy, flexible, and straightforward


Campaign Management

Integrates with your school’s Student Information Management System


WorkFlow Management

Improve school efficiency with drag and drop routing for approvals


Document Retention & Management – Reports

Instantaneous Report Generation

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